Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Few Stories From ESPN

• An interesting article on Barry Bonds by Skip Bayless.

• A crazy book excerpt on bizarre basketball feats. Check out that picture of Vince Carter dunking over that Frenchman. Sick.

• Jim Caple with Youppi!. A little late, don't you think, Jim? Then again, how can you judge a man who did such amazing working during March Madness and wrote that great story about Moonlight Graham? I would link to those stories, but they are only available to ESPN "Insiders."

• Again from Caple, a fictionalized series with artist Howard Chaykin.

• Finally, one from Scott Burnside on Captain Canada. Long live giving 110%. Actually, can someone translate what Smytty is saying in this article for me? It makes no sense at all.


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