Friday, September 23, 2005

"My Passion For Fishing Does Not Extend To Big Game Fishing"

For Murphy:

"I love a certain kind of fishing above all other so-called sports. It is almost the last remaining way for a man to be alone without being suspected of some secret sin. By fishing without bait it is even possible to avoid being disturbed by fish. I am surprised that the dour brotherhood of psychoanalysts has not attacked fishing, since it seems to me it is in competition. Two hours with a fishing rod is worth 10 hours on the couch and very much less expensive."
-John Steinbeck


At 4:15 PM, Blogger sacamano said...

I'm not a big fishing guy. But the Bassmaster Classic was on TSN recently and I got hooked (that was for you Grabia).

Seriously, it was edge of your seat exciting. I was shocked.


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