Monday, November 07, 2005

Panthers Cheerleaders Party Like Swoopes, Busted Like Carruth

I've read a couple of reports this morning about the Carolina Panthers cheerleaders who were caught in flagrante delicto by patrons of a Tampa Bay night club the night before the Panthers' drubbing of the Buccaneers. Apparently, the other ladies at Banana Joe's (no, I am not making this up) didn't enjoy having to wait to use the stall, and rudely interrupted. Appalled by their lack of etiquette, the two TopCats defended themselves in the only way they could - in one case, by throwing punches, and in another, by falling down drunk. The problem was compounded when one of them used the identification of a third girl when she was arrested by the police.

First off, I will not join the chorus of people who seem to think what these ladies did is a bad thing. In fact, other than their choice of venue, I applaud their ... spirit? Joi de vivre? My only real complaint is that this didn't happen in a well-lighted area with security cameras, or on a sound stage or, better yet, in my apartment.

I refuse to comment on the irony that, in their bio on the team website, both cheerleaders list the same favourite charity: breast cancer research. If I had time to check, I'd bet all the cheerleaders list the same charity. But breast cancer is a serious thing, so I will not make fun of it. That would be wrong.

Their favourite place to visit? If I had to judge by their photos ... Silicon Valley.

I also won't say that this suggests the moral decline of a team who have, at various times, employed a future convicted killer (not to be mistaken for a Hall of Famer) and players who seemed to have missed the point of the whole Bonds-Giambi-Palmeiro controversy.

But give them credit; thanks to their initiative, these two ladies have come up with the best cheer ever, one that I hope is adopted by every cheer squad in every sport. Someday, I hope to meet them so I can thank them sharing their message with the world:

"The 2005 Carolina Panthers TopCats: We Score Off The Field!"


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