Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Bob Costas Sighting!

The Greatest Living Broadcaster

The world needs more Bob Costas, and The Colbert Report was happy to oblige on tonight's show. Costas was the guest, and chatted with our host for a few minutes about all things sports, but mostly the Olympics and Steroid Use. I may have missed something, as I'm on some pretty powerful cold medication, but what I caught was top-notch. To any readers on the West Coast, I encourage you to catch the show tonight; for everyone else, check back on The Colbert Report's website to see if they put video up in the next few days.

In further Talk-Show-Sports synergy, San Diego SuperChargers Running Back LaDainian Tomlinson is on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Between him and a performance by Death Cab For Cutie, there's more than enough reason to sit through lead guest Howie Mandel. As long as Jimmy addresses LDT's status as fantasy football god (which is one of the most enviable titles I can think of), I'll be happy.


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