Sunday, November 19, 2006

Well That's A Bit Excessive...

But at least there's finally some action on the free agent front.

The Chicago Cubs have signed Alfonso Soriano to an 8-year, $136 million deal.

The $17 million a salary probably isn't excessive in this year's market, but 8 years for a guy who will be 31 when spring training opens is, especially since there are doubts as to whether or not his reported age is correct.

Here's the other question Cubs fans have to ask themselves: while Soriano was probably the jewel of the 2006 free agent class, does he really make the team that much better? He doesn't address many of the team's needs, most notably pitching, an inability to get on base (especially in the leadoff position), and left-handed power. He makes them more right-handed, more powerful, and more free-swinging. That's clearly worked out well for the team in recent years.

After resigning Aramis Ramirez, their priorities should have been:

1. Depth in the rotation.
2. A leadoff man.
3. A left-handed bat to protect Ramirez and Derrick Lee.

While he's a very good player, Soriano addresses none of those needs. The Cubs will be a great softball team come April, but I don't see this move bringing them any closer to a championship.


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