Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dude, Where's My Cup?

The NHL may want to revisit their policy of allowing individual players to spend personal time with the Stanley Cup after reading this story. The Alberta Golden Bears men's hockey team has managed to have the Telus University Cup stolen right out from under their drunken mugs, only two days after downing the Lakehead Thunderwolves 3-2 in the championship game. I had to laugh a little when I discovered that the scene of the crime was none other than the infamous Armoury nightclub, as our own Alex Abboud was almost involved in a fight involving one Gator and another one of our friends in said establishment.

In all seriousness, my heart goes out to the Bears hockey team. I can only imagine the amount of trouble this group of players must be in right now. Not to mention the absolute heartbreak and anxiety each one of the players must be feeling. If, by chance, the perpetrator of this heinous crime is reading this post, I would plead with them to return the trophy to its rightful owners.


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