Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bill Simmons vs. Chuck Klosterman, Pt. II

There really isn't much more to say here. It is a beautiful thing, when titans meet. It makes mere mortals like myself weep with joy, and sorrow.


At the end of the exchange, Klosterman predicted a Notre Dame victory over USC on Oct. 15. I did not think it was possible for Abboud to love Chuck any more than he already did, but this may push the non-sexual crush over the top. I can totally hear Abboud yelling "Fuck, Yeah!" when he reads that line.

The Shaq prediction is also pretty smart. And here is the best passage:

Arguing about sports is the ultimate cultural equalizer: I can't think of any subject that so many people know so much about. I feel like I personally know at least 100 guys who have a "near expert" understanding of the NFL. If you watch the games each week (and especially if you grew up watching the games each week), you can easily have a 90-minute conversation about pro football with a total stranger in any airport bar (assuming said stranger has had a similar experience). There is a shared knowledge of sports in America that is unlike our shared knowledge of anything else. Whenever I have to hang out with someone I've never met before, I always find myself secretly thinking, "I hope this dude knows about sports. I hope this dude knows about sports. I hope this dude knows about sports." Because if he does, I know the rest of the conversation will be easy.


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