Friday, September 16, 2005

David Asper is a HUGE Bombers fan

The owner of the National Post and a dozen other major Canadian dailies and TV stations through CanWest Global Communications, David Asper, blew a major hissy-fit in the Winnipeg Blue Bombers locker room the other day.

Apparently Asper, heir to the Winnepeg-based media empire and board member of the Blue Bombers, was upset that his beloved team fell out of playoff contention this early in the season with yet another loss. At 3-9 they are almost as dismal as the Ti-Cats. His disappointment is understandable.

But for Asper to throw a temper tantrum before the players and take a swing at the coach shows his motivational tactics leave a little to be desired. Having nothing to do with football operations, I'm sure everyone just looked at him like he was crazy, adding a bizarro twinge to the bad feelings over the loss. I could admire the guy's passion for his team but it is hard to when it borders on insanity. Asper cuts the figure of a superfan who is so rich that he's used to always getting his way and doesn't recognize that his power is limited in not being able to produce football wins by the sheer force of his indomitable will. Add locker-room access to the equation and we get a bust-up.

At least he had the sense to resign from the Bombers' board. Good to know that a huge chunk of the Canadian media is in the hands of spazz-prone tyrant. No word on whether we can expect a national editorial from CanWest head office on the matter entitled, "What the (censored) was that? What the (censored) is going on?"


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Andy Grabia said...

It was bad enough that you posted on soccer, Murphy. But the CFL? Kimmis is going to freak when he sees this!

Kidding aside, I hate the CFL.


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