Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Final Stretch

With just five days left in the regular season, there is a dead heat for three playoff spots in the American League. Boston and New York are tied for first in the AL East, and the White Sox have a two game lead over the Indians in the AL Central. As well, Boston, New York, and Cleveland are all tied for the Wild Card spot.The Red Sox and Yankees face each other on the last three days of the season, as do the White Sox and Indians. It is going to be a crazy last few days. I just hope that the games are on television, so I don't have to go postal.

I really want the Indians to make it in, but not at the expense of the Red Sox. I have absolutely zero confidence in the Red Sox bullpen, but remain hopeful that they can just hit themselves out of a jam. Hell, they have been doing it all year. As for the Yankees, part of me wants to see them play the Red Sox again in the post-season. The other part wants them to not make the playoffs, if only to see what Steinbrenner will do.


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