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America's Team: The Dallas Cowboys

Apparently Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson has decided that Terrell Owens and Randy Moss are getting too much attention. A prima donna his whole career, Johnson has been relatively quiet since he got benched and traded from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004. This week, however, Keyshawn decided enough was enough, and that he needed some air time. Following comments made by former wide receiver and probable Hall of Famer Michael Irvin--he of the fur coating, spliff toking and rock smoking three time Superbowl winning Dallas Cowboys--that the current Cowboys roster has a "bunch of No. 2 receivers", Johnson fired back. Here is an excerpt, courtesy of Sports Illustrated:

Among other things, Johnson said, "I know that when my career is over, wherever he's ranked, he'll be under me." Johnson claimed that if he played with Irvin's Cowboy teams, he would have doubled Irvin's numbers. Johnson also said that as an analyst, Irvin "doesn't study" today's game like Phil Simms does.

Here is Irvin's reaction:

Irvin was asked for his reaction: "I won't even get to the point where I'm comparing my career with Keyshawn's. I wouldn't do my career that injustice."

Well here at SportsMatters, we like to get into things. As such, I have decided to take a look at the careers of these two outstanding wide receivers. Who comes out on top? I'll let the readers decide.

Keyshawn Johnson-Career Stats

• Helped USC Trojans win the Cotton Bowl and Rose Bowl.

• April 20, 1996: Drafted #1 overall by the New York Jets.

• Has played for three teams: the New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Dallas Cowboys.

• In his tenth NFL season.

• Prior to be deactivated in 2003, had missed only three regular season games in seven seasons.

• Has had four, 1000 yard seasons, as well as two +950 yard seasons.

• 139 regular season games played, 686 career receptions, 9098 career receiving yards, 13.3 career yard average, 57 touchdowns.

• 7 post-season games played, 39 post-season receptions, 569 post season receiving yards, 2 post-season touchdowns.

• 24th all-time in career receptions.

• 32nd all-time in career receiving yards.

• One Superbowl ring (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

• 3 time Pro Bowler.

• 1997: Publishes his “auto”biography, "Just Give Me The Damn Ball!"

• November 2003: Is deactivated for the rest of the season after arguing with Bucs coach John Gruden on the sideline during a nationally televised game.

• March 19, 2004: Is traded to the Dallas Cowboys for wide receiver Joey Galloway.

• Following his squabbles with the Bucs, the sports term “Keyshawning” is created to indicate a player who has been deactivated but is still under contract.

• October 3, 2004: Calls Tampa Bay Buccaneer cornerback Ronde Barber an “Uncle Tom” during a Fox Sports telecast, on national television.

• October 9, 2005: Owned in 92.6% of ESPN’s 2005 Fantasy Football Leagues.

• October 9, 2005: Gets in verbal spat with Cowboys quarterback Drew Bledsoe on Cowboys sideline following a fumble by Keyshawn and a subsequent Philadelphia Eagles touchdown.

Michael Irvin- Career Stats

• Member of the Miami Hurricanes National Championship Team in 1997.

• Drafted 11th overall in 1998 by the Dallas Cowboys.

• Gave himself the nickname “The Playmaker.”

• Played 12 seasons in the NFL, all with the Dallas Cowboys.

• Had seven 1000 yard seasons, as well as one +950 yard season (962 in only 11 games).

• Led the NFL in receiving yards in 1991.

• 159 regular season games played, 750 career receptions, 11904 career receiving yards, 15.9 career yard average, 65 career touchdowns.

• 16 post-season games played, 87 post-season receptions, 1314 post-season receiving yards, 8 post-season touchdowns.

• 16th all-time in career receptions.

• 11th all-time in career receiving yards.

• 34th all-time in career receiving touchdowns.

• 32nd all-time in career yards from scrimmage.

• Winner of three Superbowl rings with the Cowboys.

• 5 time Pro Bowler.

• March 1996: Arrested on charges of cocaine possession. Pleads no contest and is sentenced to probation and community service. Suspended for five games by the NFL.

• May 2, 1996: Is sued by a car sales manager for assault.

• January 3, 1997: Nina Shahravan accuses Irvin and teammate Erik Williams of sexually assaulting her and, with a gun to her head, videotaping it all. It is later proven that the entire story had been fabricated by the accuser. Williams and Irvin sue the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas news station that first breaks the story. They reach a settlement with the news station, and receive $1 million dollars each in compensation.

• July 29 1998: Teammate Everett McIver suffers a deep cut to his neck at training camp. Reports say Irvin caused the injury with a pair of scissors. Irvin is cleared of all charges.

• October 10, 1999: Is temporarily paralyzed on the field during a game with the Philadelphia Eagles. The paralysis is greeted with loud applause by Eagles fans at Veterans Stadium.

• August 9, 2001: Arrested for possession of marijuana in Dallas. The charge is dropped, but Irvin is indicted by a Grand Jury on a felony charge for possession of less than a gram of cocaine during the August 9th arrest. A warrant for Irvin’s arrest is issued, and Irvin surrenders himself a few days later. Charges are later dropped.

• Thanks to the intervention of good friend Deion Sanders, Irvin becomes a born-again Christian, putting his past troubles behind him.

• September 19, 2005: Inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honour with teammates Emmett Smith and Troy Aikman. Oddly enough, Nate Newton and Leon Lett were not also inducted into the Ring of Honour.

• Fantasy value unknown.


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