Saturday, October 08, 2005

Here's A Thought

Could the Canucks and Oilers just play each other 82 times a year? Man, I haven't seen hockey this good in years. Over a decade, at least.

It may be the bias of a homer, but the Oilers look amazing. Skating like crazy, nice crisp passes, and great physical play. They are also using the stretch pass alot. Alot. A few stupid penalties, but they are dancing. Knock on wood here, but they are handing it to the Canucks.

A period and a bit to go.

Nice dive there, Anson Carter.

Someone needs to come up with a great insult that fans around the league can chant at Bertuzzi .

***Post-Game*** Uggh. What an ugly 3rd period. Tons of penalties. Some really soft calls by the refs, and some bonehead plays certain Oilers (#27, #55). But Ohlund is the goat, and Jussi is HUGE in OT. Raffi looked awesome. It looks like the powerplay will be okay. The Stoll-Pronger combo is forcing the opposition to play low, which allows for some high, cross-ice passes and subsequent goals by Raffi.

Once again, let us remember that Markus Naslund was once traded for Alex Stojanov. Man I dislike that guy. And didn't Bertuzzi look lost out there? Guess you aren't so great when you can't maul your way to the net.

I am going to flash my breasts down Whyte Ave. Later!


At 2:12 AM, Blogger sacamano said...

Just like Brad Pitt, there is now a bounty on your body.


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