Monday, October 17, 2005

Houston, We Have A Problem

Allan Houston, one of the best pure-shooters in the history of the NBA, announced his retirement today. I don't actually have the numbers to back up the pure-shooters claim (.444 CFGP), but the guy was always money from the outside. The funny thing is, I don't ever remember it being properly translated into any of the NBA video games. If I was Houston, I would be choked. He should have gone down in history as one of the best video game athletes of all time, along with J.R. and Bo Jackson.

It blows my mind that the team still has to pay him a full salary. That is $40 million until 2007 for a guy who will never set foot on the hardwood.

According to, Houston has comparable stats to guys like Steve Smith, Ray Allen, and Jim Jackson. The Allen comparison fits in my mind, but not the others. I always thought of him as a poor man's Reggie Miller.


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