Monday, October 10, 2005

A Late Night Snack

I forgot to mention this in my Oilers-Canucks summary yesterday, but there was a point during the game--somewhere in the second period, I believe--where the CBC cameras could not keep up with the action. They were having to pan to the left and to the right very quickly, so much so that for a few seconds it made me feel like I was in the Blair Witch Project.

Mrs. H and I just played four games of Othello (the actual board game version) and I got served each and every time. I was like Kent "The Magic Man" Nilsson. I kept disappearing in the corners.

I know that a board game isn't actually a sport, but I wanted to use the Nilsson line, especially after seeing Mark Messier interviewed by Elliot Friedman yesterday. Friedman asked Messier if there was any truth to the ancient hockey legend that he told Nilsson during the '87 playoffs that he would send him "back to Sweden in a box" if he continued to float. Kevin Lowe has stated before that the event never happened, but Messier hummed and hawed about it with a huge grin on his face, thereby confirming that something to that effect was actually said.

Try to understand, try to understand...try, try, try to understand...he's a Magic Man.

This picture totally brings back memories of those Edmonton Oiler hockey cards that used to be sold through the Red Rooster. I think it was Red Rooster. Maybe it was Mohawk gas or something. They were long, thin cards, and they were perforated. I think you had to buy a sheet of them, and then tear them off into individual cards. I am having major flashbacks of cards featuring Gary Unger and Pat Hughes. Does anyone else remember what I am talking about?

Wow. I went googling, and I found this bad boy, a Warren Moon 1981 Red Rooster card. I sooooooo remember having this card.I could kick myself for not keeping it. I bet you Murphy or Kimmis still have one. I probably had 20 of them, and just used them on my spokes. Couldn't find any images of the Oiler cards, though.

Oh, there we go! Not a bad price, actually.

Here's an interesting habit: collecting the CFL cards of NFL stars. What, doesn't Joe Theismann have a CFL card? Or how about J.C. Watts? Actually, I would pay a good chunck of change to own the Congressman's CFL trading card.


At 7:37 AM, Blogger Alex said...

Two things:

- I have a complete CFL trading card collection from 1991. It was put out by a company named Jogo. Flutie should be in there, but I don't remember if anyone else who went on to the NFL would be. Rocket Ismail too, I guess, if he had his own card.

- As for the perforated cards, I do remember something like them being given away at the 'Food For Less' grocery store on Calgary Trail, where they used to have semi-regular Edmonton Oiler autograph signings back in the mid to late '80s. I should still have some of those at my parents' house.


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