Tuesday, October 11, 2005

NFL Rankings: Tuesday October 11, 2005

Some of the writers at SportsMatters have decided to steal an idea implemented on Monday Night Countdown. It isn't rocket science, so don't give us a hard time about it. Every week "The Professor," Alex Abboud, "Me Hate Me," Kevin Kimmis, and myself, "The Sultan of Smack, The Verbal Assassin, The Original Hater, The Bishop of Pop," Andy Grabia, will give our list of the Top 5 teams in the NFL. We will also name one "Honourable Mention" team, to indicate a roster on the cusp of NFL greatness. We then hope that you, the loyal reader, will debate these picks along with us in the comments section. Let the trash talking begin!

The Professor
Honourable Mention - The San Diego SuperChargers
5. Cincinatti Bengals
4. New York Giants
3. New England Patriots
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
1. Indianapolis Colts

Me Hate Me
Honourable Mention: Denver Broncos
5. New York Giants
4. New England Patriots
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
2. Cincinatti Bengals
1. Indianapolis Colts

The Verbal Assassin
Honourable Mention: Philadelphia Eagles
5. Atlanta Falcons
4. San Diego SuperChargers
3. Pittsburgh Steelers
2. New England Patriots
1. Indianapolis Colts


At 2:51 PM, Blogger Andy Grabia said...

I can't believe that both of you put the Bungles and the Giants on your list. Why not just add the Redskins and call it a day? The Giants have beaten Arizona, New Orleans and East St.Louis. The one good team they played whipped their asses (San Diego). The Bungles have beaten Cleveland, Minnesota, Chicago and Houston. The only good team they played, Jacksonville, beat them too.

You guys are joking, right?

At 5:01 PM, Blogger Alex said...

The difference between the Giants and Bengals and the Redskins is that the the former 2 teams have looked impressive beating up on lesser competition, unlike the 'Skins who scraped their way to a 3-0 start before losing to Denver on Sunday. The Bengals looked good playing a tough Jacksonville team on the road, and almost won. In any case, they convinced me that they belong at the top.

Grabia, I'd like to hear you justify your #4 ranking for the Chargers. I put them as an honorable mention because, while they're currently below .500, they've shown enough over the past two weeks (a blowout at New England and a near-win on the road against Pitt, respectively my #3 and #2 teams). I almost left them off because they arguably should have won their first two games, and didn't seal the deal (which doesn't bode well), but I think they're in fine shape now, and their record will slowly improve. I'd like to hear why you think they deserve such a high ranking.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Andy Grabia said...

You just gave me my reason for why the Chargers are on my list. They whupped your Pats,the Giants, and almost beat the Steelers. They have also played Dallas and Denver. Their opponents have a 16-7 record. Compare that with the Bungles and Giants. The Giants beat teams with a combined 5-10 record. The Bungles have beaten teams with a combine record of 4-12.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Well, the Chargers' degree of difficulty is all well and good, but aren't the results at least as important?


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