Friday, October 21, 2005

Smooth Criminals

Has anyone else noticed that athletes committing crimes has become so common-place as to no longer even rate as news anymore? Maybe after O.J. and Rae Carruth crimes like sexual assualt, drug possession, aggravated battery, and possession of a fake penis seem trivial. I don't know. The NBA has got to be the worst. It just has to be. David Stern must be slowly going insane. I wonder if there is a Bill James of criminal athlete stats out there, monitoring and tracking all this stuff? I, for one, would like to know which league has the highest criminal element.

Here is the NFL All-Criminal Team from Phat Phree. How the hell did Onterrio Smith not make it on this list? The Original Whizzinator isn't as good as Eddie Belfour's attempt to get out of jail by bribing a police officer with "a billion dollars", but it has got to be pretty damn close. Smith deserves to be on the NFL list, especially since he has now been charged with another crime.


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