Wednesday, October 05, 2005

T Dot O Dot One Of A Kind

Leave it to David Letterman to ask Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens very uncomfortable questions. In a hilarious segment tonight, Dave kept asking Terrell questions about "some guy" who said that Donovan McNabb threw up in the huddle and underachieved at the Superbowl. Terrell played along with Dave, and the segment was actually quite enjoyable. Dave asked T.O. if there were any NFL quarterbacks, "other than [his] good pal Donovan" who he salivated about playing with. T.O. said he would love to play with Peyton Manning. Dave asked about Eli, and T.O. said that Eli was doing very well, and carrying on the Manning tradition. Dave then said, "How bout Brooks Bollinger?" T.O. looked at Letterman, shook his head confusedly, and in a dead-pan voice said, "I...I don't know who you are talking about." Gold.


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