Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Weekend Grab Bag

• I went 2-4 with my predictions for the first round, getting the two NL series' (and the games too), but going 0-2 in the AL. I'll revise my AL prediction and go with Chicago in 6. The Angels are beat up and tired after a long series of the weekend with New York (including a couple of cross-country red-eye flights), while the Sox are rested and ready. The Angels are experienced and tough, so I see them winning Games 3 and 5 to extend the series, but running out of gas.

• Both series', especially the AL, should be all about small ball. I predict low ratings for the ALCS. The Cards have enough of a following, but the Sox don't, and the Angels bandwagon hasn't gotten out of the gate yet. The only people watching will be masochistic Cubs fan, tuning in to see yet another long-suffering franchise move on to the World Series. By the way, I'd love to meet a true die-hard White Sox fan. I'm not sure they exist. Even folks in Chicago seem to cheer for the Cubbies.

• If the White Sox can win the World Series, guess who becomes the longest-suffering AL franchise? Yup, the Cleveland Indians. It's about time I say, Cleveland's never gotten it's due as a tortured sports city. Hell, their last championship came when Otto Graham was the Browns' QB. And they have the notoriety of hosting the last professional franchise in any of the 4 major leagues to fold (the NHL's Cleveland Barons).

Here's a question:if the Sox win, will Ken Williams become the first African-American executive to win a World Series? What about in other sports?

• (Update from Fox). They tout small-ball in the opening, which should ensure that most of the 50% of viewers who didn't turn the channel when they realized 'House' wasn't on will surely follow suit. They also talked about "The Curse" on the White Sox. Bull-f'n-Shit. 86 years of bad management does not mean that your franchise is cursed. Really, when Disco Demolition Night and Harold Baines are the highlights of your past 8 decades, you know you've been through rough times. I'm starting to think Fox will concoct any angle to sell these games. Hey! It's been 3 years since the Angels won the Series. Damn the curse of Tim Salmon! What about the 23 year drought of the Cards? Who cursed them? And the Astros have never won in their 45 year history? What's their excuse?

• Back to the Angels. How about the performance by Ervin Santana, coming on and shutting the door when Bartolo Colon left with an injury in the 2nd. I called my buddy Ray (Yankees fan) at the time, basically conceding that the Yanks were going to go ahead. What did I know? This kid could be the most exciting player named Ervin to hit the LA scene since Earvin "Magic" Johnson. But we'll see. Magic Santana has been up and down all year, but we'll see if he can pitch another gem, since he should get a shot at starting with Colon left off the ALCS roster.

• I have never watched a more boring extra innings game than Game 4 of the Astros-Braves. I turned it on in the 10th (I switched exclusively to the Pats-Falcons when the Braves were up 5-1). I watched about 4 innings, and NOTHING happened. Even when runners would get on, you never got the feeling that either team was going to score. I gave up to make dinner in the 13th, and turned the game back right after Chris Burke's homer in the 18th.

• On to hockey for a second. The Oilers are off to a 3-0 start (who predicted this kind of production out of Horcoff?). I got a lot of flack from Oiler fans for predicting a 10th place finish. Hey, I hope I'm wrong, but unless Horcoff and Torres can keep this up (especially with Smytty on the shelf), they still could have trouble putting the puck in the net, and this will catch up with them sooner or later. I still think the West will be tough, so it's too early to tell anything.

• Amare Stoudamire is out for four months after knee surgery, which should definitely throw a wrench into the Western Conference. I guess we'll see if the reigning MVP can carry his team or not.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger Andy Grabia said...

"Even folks in Chicago seem to cheer for the Cubbies."

Really? People from Chicago cheer for the Chicago Cubs? Astounding.

My understanding is that White Sox fans live in the south side of the city, and Cubbies live on the North Side. It's a terrotorial thing, like The Warriors, is it not?

At 8:05 PM, Blogger Alex said...

It's generally thought to be a territorial thing, but my point is you never hear about the White Sox fans, or see profiles about them etc. Even though they're over a century old, they appear to have one of the least visible fan bases.


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