Saturday, November 26, 2005

Don't Let a Little Snow Stop You

It's always amusing to watch Britons - or for that matter, Vancouverites - react to the first snowfall of the season. Over at the BBC, the mercury has dropped low enough (to +4, with a windchill of -10) that weather reports are accompanied by exclamation points and talk of "bitter" cold.

There will be no bitter cold or snow at Sunday's Grey Cup, and that's a pity. Seeing fans and players brave the elements brings camaraderie to the occasion, and seems truer to our national reality. Couldn't we pop the balloon-roof off BC Place and replace it with a Safeco-style retractable number? And while we're at it, cut Jeff Loria a bigger cheque than little old Portland can manage?

I was reminded of the joy of football sans central heating by this great photo from a Saturday U-16 match in Rheine:


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