Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Grey Cup Post-Mortem

Forget Ray Elgaard and Dave Ridgeway (apparently I already had), last night was the classic to beat all classics. The CFL website said it all: The Final All Others Will Be Judged By - The Greatest Game in CFL's Long, Storied History.

• Tony Tompkins' Grey Cup record 95 yard kick-off return
• The 35 yarder to Mookie Mitchell on third and four. That would be a huge gamble paying off, resulting in the go ahead TD
• Nailing the two point convert to go up by a fieldgoal
• A clutch performance by Ricky Ray to tie it up in OT
• Sean Fleming nailing everything and making tackles

As my Dad exclaimed amidst much yelling at last-ditch efforts made good, "I don't know if my heart can take this. Oh my heart!"

Luckily he pulled through, as did the Eskies, crowned champions again. My prediction was wrong, except the winner did put up 38 points, mostly in a dizzying second half.

A match for the ages. I will always remember where I watched it unfold.


At 11:49 AM, Blogger Alex said...

I would hesitate to call this the greatest Grey Cup of all time, though that may be because I don't really care about the CFL anymore. I still have to go with the 1994 game between BC and Baltimore, which was during the apex of my years as a CFL fan, and had an equally dramatic finish in my opinion. Plus, if memory serves, BC had a lengthy drive where they ran the ball every play, which has to be the only time in CFL history that that has happened. And the Canada-USA plot was far more intruiging than the rubber match of the Eskies-Als series.

The best comparison for this year's Grey Cup game would have to be the St. Louis-Tennessee Super Bowl from 2000 (I forget the corresponding Roman Numeral Number). It was a close game that had a fantastic finish, so everyone forgets that the first two and a half quarters were pretty boring. Same with this game - great finish, but the first half was a dud. Nonetheless, it's still the second most exciting football game I've watched this year.


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