Friday, November 25, 2005

Where Did You Prep, Ryan? Oh. Banff Community? I See.

I have a new favorite NHL goalie, and he has been in my backyard all along. Not only has Edmonton Oiler netminder Mike Morrison won 3 games in a row (he is winning his 4th while I write this, which assures that I have now jinxed him), but more importantly he has the Boston Red Sox stockings painted on the back of his helmet. Exhaustive research also indicates that Morrison is from Medford, Massachusetts (which explains the Red Sox shout out), and that he prepped at Exeter. Can you believe it? The Edmonton Oilers have a goalie who attended Exeter, perhaps the finest preparatory school in the entire world? How could Abboud and I have missed this? Famous alum of Exeter include Ulysses S. Grant, Jr., James Agee, Arthur Schlesinger Jr., Gore Vidal, George Plimpton, John Irving and, of course, Patrick Bateman. How could I have missed this? Maybe now we will get a post-game interview worth listening to. I wonder if they learn about the boys giving 110% at the Harkness Table?


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