Thursday, December 15, 2005

Air Grievances

Over on my other blog, I have Aired My Grievances for Festivus. Lots of sports ones were on the list, so I thought I would link it to here. Did you know that "during the 2000 NFL regular season, Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick forbade anyone to use the "P-word" (presumably 'postseason' or 'playoffs') until the team actually played in it. In its place, the word 'Festivus' was used. The Super Bowl was then referred to as 'Festivus Maximus.'" I saw it on this page. Feel free to Air in the comments section here or there. Oh, I should add one more here before I go.

18. Al Michaels, Bob Cole and Harry Neale. Sputter. Sputter. Sputter.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger Alex said...

One of mine: Anyone who overlooks the fact that Paul DePodesta spent $91 million last off-season on JD Drew and Derek Lowe. I like the guy and all, but somebody needs to point out that he made some pretty questionable moves, like giving Dave Roberts away to Boston for nothing...wait, what am I complaining about?


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