Monday, December 26, 2005

Turn Out The Lights, The Party Is Over

I would be more nostalgic about the final game of Monday Night Football on ABC if it wasn't for the fact that the show isn't ending. It isn't. It's only switching networks. And just as a point of clarification for any readers from the U.S. reading this (there are many, and I love you all), I would like to point out a inaccuracy in the AP article linked above. The article states about MNF:
It was the beginning of 36 seasons of one of television's most valuable franchises, a compelling three hours that became the longest running prime-time sports series in TV history.
Um, I don't think so. It may be the longest running prime-time sports series in American television history, but there is a show up here, waaaay up here, that has been around for a tad longer. Hockey Night In Canada premiered on television in Canada in 1952, giving it a 18 year head start on MNF. Throw in the fact that HNIC began on radio in 1931, and it really isn't even close. Perhaps I am being overly sensitive about this point, but it is the sort of jingoism and solipsism that drives other nations absolutely mad.

Ooh, Flutie AND Testaverde are in the game. I feel like I am watching the Bucs and Patriots in 87. Speaking of solipsism, I like how Flutie's player card on doesn't bother listing the seven years he spent in the Canadian Football League. They just have him playing zero games with the Patriots for seven years. I guess six MVP awards and three Grey Cup Championships in the CFL doesn't count for anything. I mean, I hate the CFL, but cmon. It's just like when people say that Dan Marino has the most passing yards and passing touchdowns of all-time, forgetting that Warren Moon has more of both if you look at his whole football career.


At 1:57 PM, Blogger Alex said...

I'm more upset that they don't list Flutie's stats with the New Jersey Generals of the USFL.


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