Sunday, January 01, 2006

Clinton Portis...

...continues to shine.

***Update*** Turns out that Portis' mother had to join the Redskins on the sidelines today because Eagles fans were throwing things at her. God love those Philly fans. They destroyed Santa with snowballs, cheered when Michael Irvin broke his neck, threw batteries at J.D. Drew, and even booed Mike Schmidt. The Eagles were also the first team to have an in-house jail on site, back at Veteran's Stadium. Today they decided to hurl things at an old lady. Class act, all the way.

***Angry Update*** Why the f#ck would Andy Reid put Detmer and his neck beard in over McMahon? WHY!? Is he trying to lose on purpose? Is there a draft pick he is trying to get? Gah. Just another miserable decision in a miserable year for my Eagles. Sob.


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