Sunday, January 29, 2006

Honouring The Franchise

The Carolina Hurricanes/Hartford Whalers retired Ron Francis' #10 last night, before thumping the Atlanta Thrashers. I wrote about Francis when we first started this blog, and I don't have anything new to offer. I just wanted to give another shout-out to my second favorite player of all-time, and to my second favorite team. I did come across this article however, and found an interesting quote inside it.

"He was overshadowed a lot by bigger-name guys — but not better players. There's no way Messier's a better player, in my opinion, but he gets all the accolades. Ronnie was such a smart hockey player, definitely one of the smartest ever to play the game. I think that — and the fact that he played most of his career in Carolina and Hartford — is why he didn't get that attention."
I can't say I really agree with Rod Brind'Amour, especially since The Moose is my favorite hockey player, but I must agree that Francis gets a lot less credit as a player than he deserves.

In honour of Ronnie Franchise, I have toiled for hours in making a favicon deserving of his stature. It will stay with the SportsMatters web address all day, if not longer.


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