Tuesday, January 10, 2006


There were three equally improbable outcomes from the weekend’s football matches:
• Manchester United failed to score against Burton Albion
• Clyde defeated 31-time champions Celtic – manager Graham Roberts called it his “greatest day in football”, and
• Xabi Alonso scored a goal from his own half of the pitch.

The latter has resulted in small fortune for Berkshire resident Adrian Hayward. Mr. Hayward reports that last July he had a “dream” that Alonso would score from his own half. With access to the world’s most innovative bookmakers, Hayward was able to find a counter-party to take on a £200 wager that Alonso would perform the feat this season. His bet returned £25,000.

Clyde fans were similarly blessed, although few showed faith: Ladbrokes reported that “the biggest bet we took on Clyde was £20 from a customer in London.”

Win or lose, the bookies always win. Paying out on a few long-shots generates great publicity, and encourages future dreamers. Now's the time to bet on Australia to beat Brazil in the Group stage of the World Cup.


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