Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Post-Election Potpourri

For all those suffering through a hangover from last night's Canadian federal election, some clips to start off your day:

• Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt on David Letterman, explaining his game-tying miss against the Steelers and then making one from 46 yards outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre. I love the announcer at the end of this clip. "He just wanted to get on Letterman. That's why he missed it." In the words of Dane Cook, "Are You Outta Your F%&#ing Mind?"

• After giving up 81 against the Lakers...I mean Kobe Bryant, the Toronto Raptors give up a respectable 37 to Carmelo Anthony. At this rate, Lebron James will score -17.365 points against the Raptors when they next meet (point number margin of error is 84.32 %).

• Cabbie interviews current athletes about the posters they used to have on their walls as kids. Jalen Rose gives the best answer, and it has nothing to do with athletes. Watch for it.

The "Crease Police" were out in full force in East St. Louis on Monday night. Insert Liberal Party of Canada joke here.

• In election related news, Hockey Hall of Famer and resident old white guy Ken Dryden was re-elected, Uncle Al Gretzky lost, and current Oilers employee Mike Lake won his seat in Edmonton-Mill Woods-Beaumont. That Dean McAmmond endorsement must have really helped out.

• Also in election news, I witnessed a University student in Edmonton-Strathcona register to vote using his Sports Illustrated subscription as a proof of address.

• And speaking of proof, proof that the end of the world is fast approaching, three Seattle Seahawks songs that will make you want to place Ceti Alpha V's only remaining indigenous inhabitant-- the ceti eels--into your ears. A little inside, I know, but "Sweet Shaun Alexander" and "Detroit Hawk City" will have you begging for mercy. Actually, "Flap Yo Wings" isn't too bad, at least in comparison to the other two atrocities.


At 9:44 AM, Blogger sacamano said...

That Cabbie episode is fantastic.

My posters:

Michael Jordan Wings

A Bird/Magic "Choose Your Weapon" poster where they were standing back to back and holding up their converse shoes like gun-fighters.

Edwin Moses

A Dr. J poster where he was wearing surgical garb and was looking overtop of a surgical table on which a game was in progress at the Philadelphia Spectrum. That was just a fantastic poster that, tragically, I can't find anywhere.

Most tragically, however, is that I have never been able to find new copies of my 2 all-time favourite posters:

1) The Iceman Commeth - Gervin sitting on a huge throne of ice

2) Chocolate Thunder Planet Lovetron - this one is so tough to describe. Dawkins was wearing a crazy silver top that only came down to just above his belly button, bad silver shorts, pink and silver boots, and a a big pink flash across his chest with "Lovetron" written on it. Amazing.

I would pay big money to have a copy of that Lovetron poster again. Even just a jpeg for my desktop.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger Andy Grabia said...

The Gervin one was so popular. Almost every athlete mentioned having it. As for me, I had Jordan dunking from the foul line, Dominique Wilkins, Shawn Kemp, Messier, and Eric Davis


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