Tuesday, January 31, 2006

T.O. Heading To Mile High?

Abboud complained about not having enough to talk about concerning the Superbowl, so I thought I would put this up for him. It has little to do with the Superbowl, of course, but it is a footballl story that is sure to enrage many, including Abboud. Terrell Owens met with Mike Shanahan yesterday in Denver, identifying the Broncos as one of the teams in the hunt for Owens' service. It is an interesting thought, Terrell going to Denver, and makes sense if for no other reason than that Mike Shanahan is the coach. I can't imagine another coach in the league, besides maybe Bill Parcells, who could handle T.O. as well as Shanahan. Plus, Denver is in the AFC, and there is no chance the Eagles will flip him to division rivals Dallas. Lastly, you have to think, you have to hope, that Owens has finally learned his lesson, that he will just shut up and play football. If that is the case, then Denver picking him up is an steal of a deal.


At 6:28 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Poor Jake Plummer. I say it takes 2 offensive series' before T.O. starts chewing him out on the sidelines for not getting him the ball.


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