Sunday, February 12, 2006

2006 Sports Calendar

My favorite time of the year for sports is the fall. The NFL, NHL and NBA all start their seasons, and the World Series fast approaches. My least favorite time? Right about now. The usually crappy Superbowl game warns me that soon the Oilers will lose out in either the regular season or in a first-round matchup against Dallas, and that the Spurs and Pistons will once again play in an NBA championship that I haven't cared about since Michael Jordan retired. March Madness, fantasy league preoccupation and the NHL trading deadline usually helps offset a major depression, but now until the end of spring training generally blows. I relate it to the post six-month period in a relationship. Instead of the fresh excitement, nervous energy and enthusiastic rogering you get in the first six months, the time after is characterized by the sporadic, planned romp in the hay, being forced to attend your partner's family dinners, and a plenitude of trips to Aldo and Bed, Bath and Beyond. Call it the long thaw.

The good news is, this year might be different. Lots of international tournaments, including the Olympics, means that there will be lots of sporting events to watch in 2006. For the sports fanatic looking for that permanent high, here is a calendar of events for the next 7 months. In fact, I'll add what I can leading up til Christmas.

NFL Pro Bowl: February 12, 2006

20th Winter Olympics: February 10-26, 2006

Olympic Men’s Hockey Tournament: February 15-26, 2006

NBA All-Star Weekend: February 17-19, 2006

World Baseball Classic: March 3-20, 2006

NHL Trading Deadline: March 9, 2006

March Madness: March 14-April 3, 2006

Wrestlemania 22: April 2, 2006

MLB Opening Day: April 3, 2006

NFL Entry Draft: April 29-30, 2006

World Hockey Championships: May 11-21, 2006

MLB First-Year Draft: June 6-7, 2006

FIFA World Cup: June 9-July 9, 2006

NHL Entry Draft: June 24, 2006

NBA Entry Draft: June 28, 2006

MLB All-Star Game: July 11, 2006

NFL Regular Season: September 7, 2006

MLB Playoffs: October 3, 2006

NBA Regular Season: October 31, 2006

Grey Cup: November 19, 2006

World Junior Hockey Championship: December 28, 2006-January 6, 2007

Dates Still To Be Announced
NBA Finals: TBA, but likely April 22-June 22, 2006
Stanley Cup Playoffs: TBA, but likely April 21-June 19, 2006
NHL Regular Season: TBA

Events That Don't Count In My Mind And Therefore Shouldn't In Yours
CFL Regular Season
Indy 500/any car-racing
Masters/any golf
Wimbledon/any tennis
Kentucky Derby/any horse-racing
Brier/any curling

Apparently the Associated Press has a full 2006 calandar on their site. I found it after I did all this work. Bah. It is a very comprehensive list, for any who are interested.


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