Friday, February 03, 2006

Breaking News!!!

Sportsmatters' crack news team of writer/sleuth Andy Grabia and photographer/philanderer Nathan Muhly have some early morning news to break to all the sports fans out there. Supposed long-time St. Louis Rams fan turned Pittsburgh Steelers fan Kevin Kimmis, a collaborator on this very site, has finally been umasked for what he is...a die-hard Seattle Seahawks fanatic!

Late this week, this humble reporter and said photographer were able to catch Mr. Kimmis as he strolled around the streets of Seattle, proudly wearing a Shawn Alexander t-shirt. This exlusive photo, taken as Kevin waltzed around the Space Needle drinking a Starbucks double Americano and mooning over Seahawks past and present, is concrete evidence that Mr. Kimmis is indeed a true-blue fan of the current NFC Champions.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, ladies and gentleman! Long have Nathan and I believed that Kimmis was in love with Matt Hasselbeck (what is that white creamy substance Kevin has whipped up above Matt's lip, anyways?). This is only but one piece of an unraveling controversy that is sure to rock the sporting fan world. Stay tuned, folks! More to follow.


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