Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Didn't Want To Do This...

...but Kevin continues to deny his Seahawks allegiances, so I feel like I have no other choice. Two years ago this March, Kevin, Nathan and I went on a trip to Philadelphia. While attending a formal function there, Kevin took Nathan and I into his confidence. He was extremely intoxicated at the time, which is likely the only reason the following ever occured. Kevin, smashed on Pabst Blue Ribbon, started to tell us how he had always secretly been a Seahawks fan. He went on a long tirade about the virtues of Dave Krieg, and how underrated of a quarterback he was. He even told us that he had created a Dave Krieg tribute site, but had kept his involvement with it a secret, for fear of being admonished by his friends. He was almost weeping when he talked about Steve Largent. I am sure I would have considered it pathetic if I hadn't been so shocked.

Sober the next morning, Kevin asked Nathan and I to keep "his little secret." He was genuinely worried that his father and brother might disown him. We understood, as we knew them to be of the middle-class, smash-mouth football variety. They would never accept his "sissy Seahawks" lifestyle. But I think it is unhealthy that Kevin has kept this secret for so long. Furthermore, it puts an unacceptable amount of pressure on Nate and I to keep quiet. So enough is enough. Here is the final proof that Kevin is indeed a Seahawks fan. The picture was taken in Philadelphia on that fateful night nearly two years ago. I have changed the colour of the picture to sepia so as to highlight the tie that Kevin is wearing. Nate is on the left of Kev, and I am on the right. Take a close look.

I am sorry, Kevin, but it is for your own good.


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