Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Insert Bon Jovi Track Here

Big day for awards here at SportsMatters. I must be in a giving mood. Today's second winner, in the Fire Joe Morgan category for God-awful journalism (this will pay off in a minute. Painfully. Wait for it.), is Dan Wetzel at Yahoo Sports. Dan's article from yesterday is called "A Wing and a Prayer." It's focus? You guessed it, faithful reader: Oral Roberts University. Get what I said now? About the "God-awful"? See, I can play that game, too! And I gave you the "faithful" reader bit, as well. Woooo! I am on fire, baby. Space Mountain. Woooo!

But to be honest, it wasn't Wetzel's predictable angle that bothered me. My whole life is one predictable angle. Who am I to judge? No, it was this line, on Memphis coach John Calipari, that made me want to gouge my eyes out:

Memphis has a lot of churches and a lot of people of faith too, so maybe this gets evened out. For his part Calipari, a Catholic, claimed Monday that he "goes to mass every day" which is certainly possible, but, well, he always struck us as the kind of guy who, each year for Lent, gives up his New Year's resolution.

Hey Coach, not only do we doubt that you really go to Mass every day; we also think you approach your Catholicism as amateurishly as we take our writing! Have a nice day.



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