Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Favre Gets Off the Fence

In a surprising move, Brett Favre has actual news to announce.

The Packers Quarterback has informed team management that he will return for the 2006 season. Though he has yet to make his reasoning public, one can only hope that it's because he finally realized how ridiculous his hogging the limelight with "exclusive" interviews (welcome back, Tuesday Morning Quarterback!) and announcements that he was 5% closer to making up his mind* was. That, or he's still trying to impress Mary.

I'm sure that when he officially announces his return, Favre will provide us with platitudes such as "drive", "one more shot", and "the fans". But if he were to take a good look at his career, and the team he's going to be leading, he'd probably come up with something like "when you have an opportunity to end your career by throwing 25 interceptions and leading your team to a 4-12 record, you have to take advantage of it."

Welcome back, Brett.

*This may not have been an actual announcement.


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