Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gauthier Strikes Again

Set your VCRs for Lindy Ruff's post-game conference tonight. For the second game in a row, Philadelphia Flyer Denis Gauthier has taken a cheap shot at a Buffalo Sabre.

In Game 2, Gauthier received a major penalty and game misconduct after a hit from behind on Thomas Vanek. A few minutes ago, in the second period of Game 3, he knocked J.P. Dumont out of the game with a stick to the abdomen. Dumont is coming off of abdominal surgery, which caused him to miss close to 30 games. Fortunately, he is back on the ice to start the third period.

Gauthier comes by his dirty work honestly, as he is the nephew of The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers, the reviled French Canadian heels of the 1980s. While The Rougeaus normally relied on Jimmy Hart's Megaphone to do their dirty work, Gauthier has been known for his hitting from behind. If tonight's hit was intentional, which his pattern of behavior leads you to believe it is, then Gauthier has added a new move to his bag of tricks.

I think Gauthier should have been suspended for his hit on Vanek. He wasn't, and less than 40 game minutes later, he has injured a key member of the Buffalo Sabres on what was either a careless or malicious play. I don't normally agree with Bob McKenzie, but it should be clear to everyone that Denis Gauthier should not be on the ice. Do the right thing, and make him sit for his transgressions.


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