Monday, April 10, 2006


The best thing about having Yahoo! Sports as my main page? It always delivers great news:

• In the land of real baseball, Big Papi has signed a four year extension with the BoSox. Always a likeable player, Ortiz said this at his press conference: " I'm pretty sure New England is going to take this as good news." How about the whole damn Nation, Papi!

• Hurting my real love of the Sox, and helping my fantasy squad, Coco Crisp has fractured his index finger. I haven't had a chance to double-check yet, but I am pretty sure Abboud has him in his active roster this week.

• Now that my fantasy hockey league is over (I finished 3rd) and I no longer need his Wins, I am ecstatic to see that Nashville Predators goalie Tomas Vokoun is out for the playoffs. It's unlikely that my shitty Oilers will see the Preds, as they seem incapable of even making the playoffs right now, but any major injuries in the Western Conference are a welcome sight. Here's hoping that Kipper meets up with that bitch Karma soon, too.

• Back to Papi for one moment, if you will. This weekend I finished reading Sam Walker's spectacular book Fantasyland, which is probably the best baseball book I have read since Moneyball (although Eight Men Out is awfully close). I am reluctant to do a review, simply because I liked it so much I am scared I will give away too many things. My excitement about the book is that strong. I will say, however, two things: you will L-O-V-E Jacque Jones after reading this book--in the same way that readers loved Nick Swisher and Kevin Youkilis after reading Moneyball--and that my favorite part of the book involves Big Papi scolding Walker. I don't want to reveal the circumstances of the scolding, but I laughed my ass off when Big Papi said the following: "Dude, you shodona leezen to me, becoze I'm abow to get hot. Theens are abow to get UGLY." If I wasn't certain that I made the right choice in taking Papi with my first pick in my own draft this year--where he is only eligible at DH--I damn well was after reading that line.


At 3:46 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Negative. I caught Coco's injury this morning and took him out of my lineup just in time.

Not that it will matter much as long as my team keeps striking out more often than a nervous College Freshman...


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