Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Zombie Nation

Hey, Red Wings fans. Here's a song for you. You'll be hearing it quite a bit over the next week, I fear.


At 10:05 AM, Blogger Alex said...

A few comments:

• I stayed up about 4 hours later than I should have because of this game.

• I missed the third period collapse, as I thought the game was safe, so I switched to the exciting conclusion of the Spurs/Kings game (that Brent Barry 3-ball has to be one of the biggest backbreakers I've seen). What I will say about it is that it looks like, for the third game in a row, the Oilers hit the wall around the 50 minute mark - yet oddly, they've looked alive in both overtime games. In any case, this is perhaps the best argument for the Oil to start rolling four lines. They were a bad break away from pooching a winnable game for the second time this series.

• After the Mathieu Schneider "goal" in the first OT, I had begun composing a comment about the soft goals in this thread. Thankfully, they went upstairs before I hit the 'Publish' button.

• Manny Legace deserves a ton of flack for knocking the puck up the middle of the ice and basically handing Jarrett Stoll the game winner. Yes, he was flailing about aimlessly, but he should have done everything he could to freeze the puck. If a defenseman had made a giveaway like that, he would be a public pariah in the motor city.

• Oilers fans appear to have a brash confidence about their team right now the likes of which I haven't seen in about 15 years. Let's hope that keeps up even if Detroit wins Game 4.

On another note, is anyone else surprised that the Canadian media isn't making a bigger deal about how all four Canadian clubs hold series leads?

This is an even bigger deal because it would lead to a Sens-Habs second round matchup, and (if Colorado upsets Dallas) a Flames-Oilers matchup as well next round.

The biggest winners in this scenario: Canadian Fans

The biggest losers: American fans, who will probably see OLN preempt these games in favor of shark hunting.


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