Sunday, May 28, 2006

Back Home Again In Indiana

A few thoughts on the pieces of today's Indy 500 that I happened to catch:

• I don't watch auto racing, or follow it in any form (I can probably name about 5 drivers and I have no idea if CART and IRL have kissed and made up yet), but damn if it doesn't get exciting in the final few laps. Of course, it's entirely possible that I will also watch any sort of competitive event.

• Big props to ABC for dressing up their pit crew correspondents in racing uniforms. I'd like to see this tried out for sideline reporters in other sports. In fact, I'm picturing Sam Ryan in a baseball uniform as I write this. Good times.

• Danica Patrick did well, I think. She was in 6th last time I checked the standings. However, I'm wondering if she's ever won anything, or if there are some Anna Kournikova-like factors contributing to her celebrity? Can you help me out here racing fans?

• You really can't put a price on hearing lines like "Sam Hornish Jr. pulled out too soon".

• Speaking of Hornish, he did the old draft and pass move that Cole Trickle perfected in Days of Thunder to take the lead on the final turn. I kept waiting for the camera to pan to a cheering Robert Duvall and Nicole Kidman in pit lane.


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