Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Morning After

Wow. I am still stoked, a day later. In my post last night, I forgot to add that the name Fernando may become legendary in this town. I wonder if anyone played the ABBA song at the bars last night? Between him and David Ortiz, I am 95% convinced that I need to name my next child "34".

Glad to see the Oiler faithful are also giant internet nerds. There is already footage of celebrations on Whyte up here, here and here. And someone has made a compilation of footage from the entire series. The multitude of songs is a bit annoying, but the footage from last night's game--to the tune of some "O Fortuna" techno remix and "The Chance May Never Come Again"--gave me the shivers.

The Oilers also have some footage up. For some reason, they have Pisani's two goals in the wrong order. The NHL also has highlights from last night here. If you just want to see the Hemsky game-winner, go to the Oilers main page or the NHL's highlight page.

As for the Battle of Alberta, I saw a great clip of Darryl Sutter talking about it today. He said that he hoped they got to play Edmonton, because that would mean the Flames had advanced. And if his players didn't want it, he said, they could get a cooler, drive up to Red Deer with him, pick up Brent and Brian, let one of them take over the wheel, and drive up to watch the Oilers. Pretty funny stuff. I wish I could find the video.


At 5:38 PM, Blogger Avi Schaumberg said...

Great quotes from the Journal coverage:

"It's very important that we instil the hatred all over again. It has to be inter-generational and we must pass it on"
--Richard Fraser, 59, who attended the game with his son Jon.

"This is much better than the Red Mile. It's more packed. They were all in red but they didn't know anything about hockey."
--Janelle, 22, who was on the Red Mile on Saturday, and on Whyte on Monday.

"Their jerseys still smell like Sport Chek."
--Mark Kreamer, 28, on the bandwagon jumping by Calgary fans.


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