Sunday, May 07, 2006

Three Samuel Jacksons, Coming Right Up

"No I can’t stop yelling, cuz that’s how I talk! You ain’t never seen my movies? Juice? That was a good one. Deep Blue Sea? They ate me! A fucking Shark ate me!!!

Finally, after six long days, the Oilers and Los Tiburones got it on. It's hard to respect a team that played in a place called the Cow Palace, wears teal jerseys, has no players in the Hockey Hall of Fame, and hasn't even been able to retire a jersey other than the league mandated 99. Good God, Bob Errey and Jeff Odgers captained this team. But I suppose that is what I'll have to try and do over the next couple of weeks. They are a fast team, they have Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau is the sexiest NHLer this side of Mike Ricci, blah blah blah...

Today’s game didn’t make me respect the Sharks, despite the win. Their forecheck was strong, but I thought they got away with a ton of penalties. Mark Smith's elbow on Ryan Smyth should have been called, and Ville Nieminen got away with faking an injury and hitting Chris Pronger after a whistle. The Oilers played another dismal 2nd period, but my feeling is that their greatest problem was in letting the Sharks push them around. Of course that will happen when the refs refuse to make the right calls. I do wish that Horcoff, Pisani and Stoll would get more powerplay time, though. I thought Hemksy, Smyth and Samsonov played horrible tonight, and Spacek seems intent on giving away millions in free agency by playing so atrociously. My advice for next game is take out Murray and Dvorak, throw in Harvey and Laraque, play Moreau, Peca, Horcoff, Pisani, Torres and Stoll more, and turn up the forecheck. I honestly think the Oilers were unprepared for this game, as weird as that sounds. They had almost a week off, but they seemed uncertain as to what kind of game to play. Don't get me wrong, the Sharks deserved to win. I just don't think they played a focused Oilers team this evening.


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