Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Great Depression

This is the third image that came up under a Google search for "depression." When I saw it I thought, "somehow, that is perfect." I keep flipping the channels and surfing the net, looking for a single positive outcome from tonight's hockey game. Yet there is nothing. I can't sleep, I can't read, and I can't play video games. It's raining in Edmonton, still and yet again, and the city is silent. I imagine others are tossing and turning, unwillingly burning the midnight oil. I can't do anything but sit here with a lump in my throat and a knot in my stomach, hoping beyond all hope that at the very least, this pain will go away. That's the point I am at right now, willing to settle for the very least. I know I am not alone in my anguish, which only exacerbates it. Collective suffering is a failed remedy this evening. I suppose I'll have to pass out sooner or later, that exhaustion will finally overcome all. But I think it's going to take awhile, and that the great depression will live on.

Did I just rhyme? God, now I am even more depressed.


At 9:08 AM, Blogger Kirks said...

The weather fits to a tee today!!


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