Thursday, June 01, 2006

World Cup of Soccer: General Resources

From June 9-July 9, the world will be captivated by hooligans attacking innocent bystanders, grown men faking injuries, and lots and lots of German sausage. That's right, World Cup 2006 is almost here!!!

In order to help prepare fans and non-fans of "The Beautiful Game," I have created a series of posts providing people with resources for the upcoming tourney. This post here will provide general resources on the FIFA World Cup. Over the next few days, watch for posts devoted to each of the eight World Cup groups. Also keep an eye out for previews and predictions. And feel free to let me know about anything cool sites I may be missing. Just drop a word in the comments section.

Blogger does not have a "Category" function, so I will be putting all of our World Cups posts in a drop down menu over on the right side of this page in addition to posting them on the main page. That way, there will be an easy to find achive of all of our material on the World Cup.

Only eight more days to go!!!

General Resources
The Official Site of the FIFA World Cup
Canadian Broadcast Times
Player Profiles
Groups & Standings
Match Schedule
Stats Index
World Cup Blog
BBC World Cup Blog
Yahoo! Soccer
ESPN Soccernet
ESPN Live Scoreboard
SportsNet/TSN page
World Cup Referees Blog
Footballers Wives


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