Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm Talking To The Juice Box Guy!

Last week, before a Boston Red Sox/Kansas City Royals game, Will Ferrell threw out the first-pitch at Fenway. He did so wearing a retro Luis Tiant jersey, and impersonated Tiant perfectly. I found the video of it on YouTube, of course, as well as some other classic Ferrell sports moments. Enjoy!

The Luis Tiant first-pitch footage from Fenway. Josh Beckett is killing himself.

Serenading Lance Armstrong at the 2006 ESPYs. Look for the cut to Matt Leinart after Paris Hilton is mentioned.

Fighting with Mike Ditka in "Kicking And Screaming."

A Ricky Bobby "Sports Century Moment" from the 2006 ESPYs. Love the Journey at the end.

And here is Ferrell as Harry Caray in Space: The Infinite Frontier.


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