Tuesday, July 25, 2006


According to Billy King, General Manager of the Philadelphia 76ers, Allen Iverson is no longer on the trade market.

This is good news, as the rumors of him going to Boston were stressing me out. The Celtics should make some moves, and if I ever finish the post about them that I'm working on, I'll share with you what I think they should do. But suffice to say, acquiring Iverson would have set the team back. In a sense, he would have been the wrong answer for the team.

(Get it? Ah, nevermind).

In any case, I'm relieved to know that AI isn't going to be suiting up in green this fall.

On another basketball note, great move by the Sacramento Kings today, picking up John Salmons. With Bonzi Wells on his way out, they needed some depth at the 2/3, and Salmons brings a bit of offense, and a lot of energy and defensive skill to his new team. Though I think they're one superstar away from being a championship-caliber team, I still like them as a sleeper in the west this year; they could surprise a lot of people. Don't forget they could still add more talent through a sign and trade with Bonzi.

**Celtics Update** - I saw this report on CelticsBlog.com that Boston just signed Kevin Pittsnogle, who was a star at West Virginia, but apparently bombed in the summer league. Nonetheless, he can shoot a three, which is a rare enough skill for a big man that, to me, it alone justifies a gamble. Let's see what a year of D-League action can do for his game.


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