Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Madden 2007 Soundtrack Review

Here is a list of songs from Madden 2007. I haven't even played the game yet, because I've been taking a listen them all. Just go to "System Settings", then "Soundtracks" to hear for yourself. Some quick thoughts:

Al Fatz-"Came Down"

Kimmis will love this one. It has a real Nelly & the St. Lunatics vibe to it. This is a great tune.

Anti-Flag-"This Is the End (For You My Friend)"

Nice Doors reference in the title. Song is actually very "meh."

Atreyu-"Ex's and Oh's"

Really, I just like the title.


Oh yeah! OB will LOVE this one. I also love that three band members from Rage Against the Machine have a song on a video game.

Bishop Lamont feat Chevy Jones- "The Best"

The usual Madden hip-hop anthem. I'll hate this song by the end of the week.

Cartel-"Say Anything (Else)"

Again, great title. Lloyd Dobler would be proud. Also a great Emo tune. Abboud, you'll love this one.

Cord- "Go Either Way"

Solid rock tune ruined by an attempt to force a harder sound than it needs.

Damone-"Out Here All Night"

Wow. An actual female singing on a Madden soundtrack? Not a bad voice either, although the songs is bland.

Dashboard Confessional "Reason to Believe"

More Emo. The sound of modern punk. Guess it's too much to ask for a Rancid tune on here, eh?

Dynamite MC- "Bounce"

No Da Riffs doing NFL Films remixes?

Feezy 350- "Playa What"

Good to see Djay from "Hustle & Flow" was able to put out an album.

Haley Hunt feat. Goose and Reason-"Won't Stop Running."

This song will be on "Friday Night Lights" on NBC this season.

Less Than Jake-"A Still Life Franchise"

YES! Finally, some ska! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! Another GREAT title.

Matchbook Romance-"Monsters"

Love the hand-clap. This song will be a huge anthem about a year from now.

Omnisoul-"Not Giving Up"

Great tune. This will be a big hit, too. These guys liked Rage Against the Machine, that's for sure. The guitar riff screams, Tom Morello.

Riverboat Gamblers-"On Again Off Again."

Nice traditional punk sound. Did I just say that? My God, I'm old.

Sparta-"Future Needs"

Driving bass line. You can definitely grind to this one.

The Panic Channel- "Teahouse of the Spirits"

This is Dave Navarro's new band. Also includes two other members from Janes Addiction. Probably already getting heavy rotation of modern rock radio.

The Rapture-"WAYUH"

This song rules. More cowbell!!! I can't get enough. If anything else they do is this good, they are going to be huge. Look for Seth Cohen to be wearing a t-shirt. Avi and Nate, make sure to check it out.

The Sleeping- "Don't Hold Back"



This song is huge already, but I'm stoked that it is one here. These guys rule. Robert Plant, eat your heart out.


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