Friday, August 18, 2006

'Til The Victory's Won, Get In And Fight, Fight, Fight!

CFL takes in these parts are few and far between, but as with most topics, the league with the Big Balls has some good blogs.

boatmenblog is a Argos-centred blog published by Adam Radwanski of the National Post and a couple of his blue-and-blue buddies. As you would expect, the writing is pretty solid and the takes are entertaining and funny. is more of a straightforward, all-CFL, by-the-game blog run by friend-of-BofA Arcanas and a buddy. It's an excellent jumping-off point for everything CFL.

Epilogue: I would like to mention that I appreciate and admire boatmenblog's devotion to the Argos' house band The Argonotes; those fine folks host all the CFL Fight Songs at their website, most notably this uplifting tune (~90sec, it gets really good at about the 35sec mark).


At 9:20 AM, Blogger Mini Me said...

CFL Fight Songs? HAHA.


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