Thursday, September 28, 2006

There's Something About Suzy

What is it about Suzy Kolber?

She's sent Joe Namath to rehab, inspired a blog, and even prompted wordsmith David Hirshey to gush. (We're still waiting to hear from her prom date, the private detective, and Brett Favre).

Now, she has a new admirer in New York Giants tackle Bob Whitfield. (Read the entire interview. It's even better than what Deadspin quotes in their article).

There's a lot to love about Suzy, who is uncharacteristically peppy and attractive for a 42 year old woman, or a sideline reporter for that matter. Oh yeah, and she also comes off as literate and relatively knowledgeable, a rare feat for a graduate of The U.

So here's to Suzy, one of the bright spots in an increasingly darkening landscape of professional football broadcasting.

(Yes, this post was just an excuse to link to the Whitfield interview. Good times).


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