Monday, October 30, 2006

From Ales to Tjarnqvist

Who’s the most popular Oiler? Well, Ethan Moreau rode the squees of dozens to win the Hot Off (leaving MacTavish supporters fuming). Fernando galvanized a whole city with his pants. And when he’s not dodging creepy offers from Steve Staios, Joffrey Lupul shows up at places like Save On handing out autographs to the masses. If you care for that sort of thing, there’s at least three pages of ‘answers’ to the question up at HF.

But squees are hardly satisfying as a measure of popularity. I’d rather follow the money.

As part of the nearly ubiquitous Power of Pink campaign, the Oilers recently donated autographed helmets, ballcaps, pink ties and sticks to an online auction. Eleven players provided game-used sticks from last Saturday’s match against Detroit. Both Jean-Francois Jacques and Jan Hejda donated sticks as well, but theirs are rather forlornly listed as “game-ready,” which is more that you can say for the players.

As an exercise in perfect competition, this could hardly be better: the product is homogeneous save for the distinguishing signature, the bidders all have perfect information, and entry and access are levelled. So without further preamble, here are eleven Oilers ranked from most to least popular, as measured by the pocketbook a half hour before bids closed (unfortunately, the final numbers aren't archived online):
Oiler# BiddersPrice


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Loxy said...

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At 10:33 AM, Blogger Loxy said...

Is there a breakdown of how many different people bidded on each stick?

If it was just a battle between two people, wouldn't that skew results?


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