Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Penguins About To Get RIMmed

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been sold to Canadian businesmman Jim Balsillie, owner of Research In Motion (you know them as the company who makes the blackberry).

Balsillie claims to be committed to keeping the Pens in Pittsburgh, but he has also paid a $50,000 fee to gain the right to put a team in Hamilton, Ontario, so we totally believe him, right?

On the topic, I think Hamilton would be a great location for a relocated franchise. The Copps Coliseum is an excellent facility, assuming that it is exactly how I remember it from Canada Cup '91. We should also work on getting teams back in Winnipeg and Quebec City, and probably Saskatoon as well, since they have a pretty swank arena. I nominate the Pens (to Hamilton), Phoenix (back to the 'Peg) and the two Florida teams to Quebec and Saskatoon. It's about time we reversed the flow of franchises across the 49th parallel.

So, um, yeah. Congrats to Balsillie on his new acquisition, and the Pens on a new ownership. Hopefully it leads to a period of stability...wherever that stability may be.


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