Saturday, August 04, 2007

Edmonton BG Triathlon World Cup

The blog may be on life support (is anyone still checking it?), but the sportsmatters have been going strong. The Alberta Baseball Confederacy is into its second season, and the trade deadline is approaching. The Battle of Alberta boys, including the semi-retired Andy Grabia, have been lamenting the Oilers' signing of Dustin Penner. And I've been cheering Barry's pursuit of 755, which he tied tonight.

I also spent the afternoon of June 24th at the 2007 Edmonton BG Triathlon World Cup Elite Men's race. And there are photos! The top three finishers were Bevan Docherty (New Zealand), Alexander Brukhankov (Russia) and Sven Riederer (Switzerland). If you want to find an individual athlete, check the tags page. I'm a big fan of Finland's Jarmo Hast, and Venezuela's Leandro Lobo.

The photos are sorted into sets for the swim, bike and run, and a couple are below.

Race winner Bevan Docherty prepares for the swim.

Hong Kong's Andrew Wright emerges from the water after the first lap of the swim.
Croatia's Zvonko Cubric fights the pack in the bike leg.
Finland's champion Jarmo Hast in the bike leg.
Venezuela's Leandro Lobo strains near the finish.

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