Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Does The MSM Just Not Get It?

Following his team's brutal loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens wore a Michael Irvin Cowboys jersey. Somehow, the mainstream sports media has decided that this is a sign of disrespect to Donavan McNabb and the rest of the Eagles roster. Yet Owen's stunt comes just days after a spat between Irvin and current Cowboys wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson over who is the better wide-out. I even chronicled the argument two days ago on this blog. Not a single story I read picked up this angle, but to my mind Owen's was doing his best to insult Keyshawn and the Cowboys in wearing Irvin's jersey, not the Eagles. Even the Philly newspapers didn't pick up on it (registration required). Has anyone seen this angle covered properly? While I won't deny that it was gamesmenship on Owen's part, if I am correct in his motives then i like it. My sense is that Andy Reid and the other Eagles players got what Owen's was doing, and just ignored it.


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