Sunday, July 30, 2006

It's The Madden Countdown

EA Sports has launched a new webpage entirely devoted to the release of Madden 2007. Entitled Merry Maddenolidy, the page is a cornucopia of football goodies, including a countdown to August 22 (the day Madden 2007 is released), wallpaper, screenshots, video, a Maddenoliday Carol, as well as a "Maddvent" Calendar where you can open new Madden treats everyday. I've never been so excited by a Carol in my life.

Maddenoliday is here, and we will play all night
Call in sick and sound sincere, in tackles we'll delight.
The fridge is back, with drink and meat
The taste of victory sure is sweet.
Come my friends on this launch day, Hail Mary's we will throw
It's Madden NFL, Hooray!, we'll humble all our foes.

O' Seven's coming!!!
Rated E for Everyone!!!

Of course, the SportsMatters family have long celebrated Madden. For the past two years we have even devoted entire weekends to the sole project of playing video game football. It's sort of like our own version of Festivus. We gather to be merry, and end up hating each other by weekends end. This year, I hope to carry on this fine tradition. Actually, I'd like to just finish a single season, something we have been unable to do for the past two years. Maybe it's because I'm unbearable, or maybe it's because my friends are pussies who can't handle the competition, but everyone else seems content to play their own seasons against the computer rather than against each other. I myself enjoy playing against friends the most, even during the rare times that they beat me. I am keeping August 25-27 open in my calendar, in the hopes that the 3rd Annual Madden Weekend will occur. Abboud, Muhly, Kimmis: consider this my invite and my challenge.

1st Annual Madden Weekend

2nd Annual Madden Weekend, Pt. I

2nd Annual Madden Weekend, Pt. II

2nd Annual Madden Weekend, Pt. III


At 10:39 PM, Blogger Alex said...

Will you be providing Maddenoliday food? I'm especially excited for the Maddenoliday Mix. Check this recipe out:

1 small pouch beef jerky (chopped)
3 pepperoni sticks (chopped)
1 cup bacon bits
1 cup pretzels
1 bag corn chips (can substitute peanuts)
1 bag cheese puffs
1 bag wrinkle cut potato chips
1 pouch macaroni and cheese powder

Dump all the stuff into a huge bowl.
Get your snack on.

Tasty Tip: Top it off with a can of processed cheese for extra zest.

One Maddenoliday mix = 4 heart attacks. Good thing Kevin lives about two blocks away from a hospital.

At 10:43 PM, Blogger Andy Grabia said...

Awesome. It reminds me of our stockpile from the last Madden weekend:

Four bags of chips
Two bulk bags of lime tortillas
10 litres of pop
Four litres of orange juice (for the gin)
Two litres of Koala juice (again, for the gin)
Six pack of Low Carb beer
Two import cherry weird beers
Two packs of Djarums
Two 26’s of Gin (one Bombay, one Tanqueray)
Three loose beers
Two Quiznos subs

And a Pomegranate juice for Kevin. Just to stay healthy, you know.

And that was just for the Friday. That mix looks insane, though. It is like the Fools Gold Loaf gone awry, and that is saying something.


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